​So this is how it all started…
"In early 2007 I began to work every Friday happy hour. When the gratuities came in I really felt uncomfortable about taking them since I am the proprietor. In my opinion, it is just not correct for owners to take tips in the hospitality business. I asked my dear friends, Rene Romo from Easter Seals, and Ginger King from Sister Season, if they would consider receiving my tips as a donation to their organizations for the following two Fridays. Well, there you have it. The next thing I knew, the word spread and the non profits started lining up. My Friday happy hour calendar is now always booked for almost one year out.

Currently we have a full staff that assists me with the happy hour. They graciously collect the donated tips, however I do pay my staff a bonus of at least 20% of what we ring in sales. This is truly a win-win for all; our business, the employees and more importantly for the non-profit organizations. Thank you to all the patrons who support our business and the organizations each week. Thank you to the Key West community for making this special weekly event such a success for all involved.

Locals and visitors - make it a point to stop by for this very special weekly happy hour. There is no entrance fee and no pressure to partake in libations. Simply throw a dollar or two (or more) in the tip bucket when you can. They do add up so quickly. Usually there is party food, great music, fun games and good friends. It is a perfect opportunity to say hello to and to thank the hundreds of amazing hard-working volunteers from the various charitable organizations. They are the best people in the world. "

Peace.   Carolyn